Vetreria LO.DA. invests in quality and choses Bavelloni’s double edging technology

Vetreria LO.DA. invests in quality and choses Bavelloni’s double edging technology

For over 35 years, Vetreria LO.DA. Srl (San Giorgio delle Pertiche, PD | Italy) has been operating in the production and sale of glass for the construction and furnishing sectors, guided by their corporate philosophy “invest in quality”.

To fortify this commitment, they recently integrated Bavelloni HE500 double-edging technology for processing flat edge with arrises.

Productivity, accuracy and flexibility are the key features of Bavelloni HE500 double-edging lines; available in four models depending on the number of spindles, they can be customized in a variety of configurations according to the layout, to the maximum workable sizes, to glass profiles and to the automation level.

The model HE500 11 6000×3300, now fully operational at LO.DA.’s facility, perfectly aligns with their requirements. They opted for the largest size in this series to meet the demands of producing jumbo glass panes.

With various options onboard and accessories, this double edging line ensures maximized productivity. Automatic intermediate bars, automatic regulation of polishing wheel pressure, barcode reader, and tilting tables for seamless loading and unloading contribute to reducing setup times for boosted productivity.

This line features a customized tool configuration with 11 positions on each side, including oscillating, corner cutting and low-e removal spindles. This guarantees high versatility, allowing to tackle a diverse range of glass processing tasks.


Bavelloni’s commitment to quality: renewed UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification

The quality we put into everything we do at Bavelloni is formalized in our Quality Policy that applies to all company processes and stakeholders involved.

This year’s Audit was recently completed with positive results and received the appreciation of the Lead Auditor.

The visit included a more in-depth investigation of Quality issues as it was aimed at renewing our QMS certification. The auditors from the Certification Body acknowledged our Company’s continued commitment to maintaining the Quality Management System even through organizational changes over the years.

At the conclusion of the Inspection Visit, Sergio Valsecchi (Bavelloni Partner), expressed his satisfaction with the good outcome and extended his thanks to everyone: “The achievement of this goal is the result of teamwork. We should all be proud of what we have built up in these 20 years of QMS certification and work towards continuous improvement. We should always aim high without ever settling: doing more is never enough. And our new claim ‘MORE IS NEVER ENOUGH’ is all about this.”

In the coming months we will focus on the aspects that still need to be finetuned because ‘MORE IS NEVER ENOUGH’ is our daily commitment.

Eurasia Glass 2022 – Bavelloni introduces Glastech Makine

The Eurasia Glass trade fair, which took place in Istanbul from 11 to 16 November 2022, attracted record attendance with over 60000 visitors.

After a year’s absence from the event, due to the pandemic, Bavelloni was once again present at this event together with our new dealer GLASTECH MAKİNE ve CAM İŞLEME A.Ş., distributor of the Bavelloni brand in Turkey and great new entry at this edition.

Glastech Makine, although a recently established company, has a team with proven experience in the glass industry, technically and commercially skilled, with a solid reputation in Turkey.

Many professionals visited our stand thanks to the great contribution of our dealer, who proved to be an excellent catalyst for attendance.

In Turkey, Bavelloni has an important installed base and customers who are loyal to our brand for the high standards of quality and reliability of our products,” refers Federico Bassi (Partner, Bavelloni SpA) who attended the show, and continues, “Our main priority has always been assisting our customers and growing together, developing effective solutions and long-lasting partnerships. Therefore, we are pleased with our cooperation with Glastech Makine and confident that, in this way, our customers can count on a qualified on-site partner both for the purchase and service of Bavelloni solutions.

Glasstec: quality visitors and great meeting spirit on our booth

After a long absence, 2022 marked the return in presence of glasstec. This year, everyone was feeling the need to get back to normal life and meet face-to-face.

Glasstec offered us the opportunity to re-engage with customers in person after the pandemic and above all to re-establish personal relationships and reconnect with the people who are essential parts of every company.

The meetings and discussions generated during the event were interesting. Considering the current scenario, the attendance was very good and, certainly, of a high standard: visitors were really interested in investing, with clear ideas about the products to focus on and, some of them, also willing to place their order at the show.

“We registered a high attendance especially in the central days of the event”, reported Federico Bassi (Sales Director, Bavelloni Spa), “As usual, there was a significant participation from Central Europe and the Mediterranean basin, even though there were also visitors from overseas; Asian operators and visitors were almost absent. Besides many handshakes and conviviality – which we really needed – some deals were also signed at the show. We felt a positive mood at our booth, although the pandemic is not yet completely over and there are some economic and political uncertainties in the global scenario. Our customers’ confidence in Bavelloni’s products and in our organization was noticeable. There was also strong commitment and involvement from our partners and distributors”.

Visitors were able to attend live demonstrations of the machines on display and take advantage of the combined presence of Bavelloni and Techni Waterjet specialists, all together on the same stand for the first time.

Bavelloni straight-line edgers and cutting tables were the hot topic of several Bavelloni negotiations. Techni’s waterjet system was also much appreciated.

“Thanks to the interesting group synergies and the complementarity of our respective portfolios, we are able to propose targeted solutions to the market for each specific requirement”, concluded Federico Bassi.

Stanislaw Jakubiec (General Manager | EMEA, Techni Waterjet) also expressed his satisfaction, “Techni’s waterjet solutions are suitable for cutting any material, including glass. We are confident that our attendance at glasstec together with Bavelloni will certainly drive the development of our business in the glass segment as well.”


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